The Brand

ETUK stands out in the German market for its outstanding design and aesthetic focus in sustainable fashion, particularly through the upcycling of pre-loved denim jeans. Our approach combines elements of "Prêt-à-Porter" and "Avantgarde" in the high-fashion streetwear segment, characterized by a deep commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. We place particular emphasis on traditional craftsmanship and aim to bring it back into focus.


We are deeply inspired by the world of music and art. That's why, as a brand, we like to enter into close collaborations with music artists and performers to tell their unique stories through our outstanding designs.

We recently had the honor of working with talented young singer Amilli. Together we designed a custom outfit for her upcoming tour. This collaboration marks another step in our vision to provide a platform for artists to fully unleash their creative energy on stage.


ETUK was founded in 2022 by the twin brothers Kurt & Ben Etuk. The twin brothers were born in Cameroon to parents of Nigerian and Cameroonian descent.

Kurt Etuk is a versatile creative director, content creator and fashion designer. Since graduating as an apparel technician in 2020, the designer has worked with notable brands and with prominent figures in the entertainment industry,including Hollywood director Baz Luhrman. Kurt focuses on the design process.

Ben Etuk manages the fashion brand's business. As managing director, he brings commercial training as well as his expertise in e-commerce entrepreneurship to help the brand succeed both creatively and commercially.